#3 - Salome Surprise Sarmie


Salome De Wet invited us over - on her one day off - the day before her first Argus Cycle Tour.  
We brought along the upcoming Maylee limited edition releases and Dune Tilley


Describe the routes you’ve taken, towards reaching where you are today…
Salome De Wet Wow there is so many. I was extremely fortunate to know exactly what I wanted to do with my life since I was 12 years old. I grew up in a salon. I spent all my time after school watching these ladies come in an out of a salon. I fell in love so young. I also wanted to be part of this journey. I am quite a fiery person and love a good challenge. I challenged myself in every avenue my industry had to offer. From hairdressing competitions, moving city’s, opening my own salon, renting a chair, shooting my own collections, being part of a global artist team, educating on an international stage, teaching other stylist, filming education. I fear procrastination most of all. I keep moving and changing all the time. Your ability to change and evolve leads to great success. 


How do you decide on your look each day?
SD It’s pretty much what I feel like and also knowing what clients I’m seeing on that day. If I’m doing creative colour on super long hair I avoid lighter pieces. I pretty much have hair colour on most of my clothes and hair in all my shoes. (Spot the stylist) 



Would you call yourself a self-proclaimed collector of any item of clothing?
SD I have an alarming amount of jackets. All different shapes and colours. Also sunglasses. Have them stacked in all different areas in my house.

I wear Maylee when I….
Want to be fashionable yet comfortable (which is all the time 🤣) 


Your Signature Piece, from Maylee?
SD My favourite is probably to this day my full checked black and white 2 piece. I always feel like such a rockstar in that. That outfit has travelled with me to various city’s all over the world and never disappoints! Always a crowd favourite. 






What would you say is a signature Salome look?
SD  I guess this would be anything fun and playful. I love wearing bold colours, creative designs but something that’s still comfortable yet striking. 



When did you start working towards being a hairstylist?
SD I pretty much started when I was a little girl. Growing up in hair salon was like planting a seed that would soon blossom into a destiny. 

What’s the weirdest title you’ve been given, as a hairstylist?
SD The Colour Queen - I have to say I don’t hate it! 

The most unforgettable style you have executed for a customer?
SD This definitely has to be some of my creations for my competitions. Once I made my model wear a bold cap for pretty much a full day. I just pulled strands from her own hair through and build a hairpiece on it. I’be been playing around with the pixelated color technique recently. It’s mesmerising to see the end result. I get to do pretty fun stuff most of the time. My Instagram is full of these colours on clients. 

What’s a style you’ve been dying to try on someone?
SD I’ve been playing around with tie dye techniques on hair. Would love to give that a go. 

How often do customers let you do what you want, with their look?
SD More often than you would think. Clients come to me with loads of trust fortunately. In my experience I know how to read people and would never give someone a hairstyle that I don’t think would suit them or their lifestyle. I would always do what is best for them! 

Most important feature, on the face, you work around?
SD That is different for every person. Some people have extraordinary eyes, then your work with bangs to compliment them and draw more attention there. Sometimes you have a strong cheekbone, or sometimes the hairline/ hair texture shows you exactly where it wants to go. It’s incredible what you can do with colour to brighten up someone’s skin tone just by working with the right reflect in colour. 


Your favourite moment in an appointment? 
SD There is 2. Firstly I absolutely love when you just applied the colour and you can see it shifting in front of your eyes. Finally when you start blowdrying and know that colour looks banging, exactly what you wanted! 

A piece of equipment that marks a milestone, for you?
SD It will have to be my Foilboard. That board has travelled the whole world with me, stuck with me through several competitions and I still use it to this day everyday. Been with me since the 1st day of hairdressing school. 

Your favourite occasion to dress for?
SD I would have to say hairdressing events. I love dressing up. Hair events are like a fashion show on speed. You get wild and out there to fashionable cheek. I feel more inspired to let my adventures side out! 😎


What’s your favourite after hours outlet?
SD After hours I take it super easy. I’m either on my bike/ running/ swimming or sleeping. I love being outdoors in nature. I’m not a very social person. I work with people all day. Prefer a bit of silence and alone time in the mornings and evenings. 



Salome's Saturday Snacks: