What fuels your process, in the Sealand team?
JULIA BASS There’s a team-wide drive to innovate. We are creative problem solvers, always looking for a way to increase versatility and quality while reducing our impact on the environment. We take a lot of inspiration from the natural world in the way of colour and texture. Nature never gets it wrong. 

Favourite part about your day-to-day?
JB Seeing ideas become physical products, when everything fits together. And the great people I get to work with everyday. 


What would you say your top 3 principles are, as a designer?

JB Social and environmental responsibility comes first. 

Ask why this product needs to exist?  

Follow the simplest route, try not to over-complicate it. 

Know your brand signatures. 


What’s your favourite medium to scamp your ideas out?

JB A combination pencil and notebook, illustrator, and working manually with cardboard. 

Your favourite materials to work with?
Anything that nobody else wants. But ideally something that is strong and stable, with a high denier and not too plastic finish. I like things that change over time with use and wear. 


What drew you to this collaboration?
JB We’ve looked up to Sol Sol as leaders in the local streetwear scene for a long time. It was great to try something new with a team whose eye and aesthetic you respect. 

How close / far would you say your initial ideas look, from the final product?
JB Actually not too far. I think we landed on our final designs quite quickly, then it was just tweaking colours and panelling. 




Common thread, in your design notes, during this project?

JB A shared passion and interest in what we were creating. It was new for both design teams and that was exciting. 

Your greatest milestone?

JB Within this project, 

As a designer so far

Your go-to for inspiration, during this project?
JB When in doubt, go look outside. 

What elements in a product do you look for, when shopping?
Quality finishes. Materials that won’t pill, bobble or stretch out. I enjoy looking at different options, trying them on, and investing in something I love. 

Your favourite detail on one of the products?
JB I love the pops of yellow sail that run through the range. It was a new technique we tried here and I think it turned out really well. 


What type of customer do you feel you resonate with the most, as a designer?
JB Someone with an eye for beautiful details and appreciates good quality and story.  

The message you wanted to share with this collection?
JB That this is something special. Love, care and commitment went into it and I think you can feel that. 

What were you most excited to experiment with, in this collaboration?
JB New colour and material combinations, and natural dying. 

An element of retail you would be happy to see change / a change you would like to be part of?
JB This is quite tough. I see the importance of trends as a form of individual expression and community, as well as the need for low-cost clothing; but maybe its just that we don’t need so much. We don’t need endless variants and colours that end up as dead-stock for the incinerator. Just, less.  


What informed the colour choices in this collaboration?
JB The clashing and combining of natural and urban environments. 

Who are your design idols?
JB I’m not sure its good to have idols, as no designer or brand is perfect. But I really admire brands like Arc’teryx, Rapha, Snow Peak, Cotopaxi, Industry of all Nations

Most memorable BTS moment?
JB A pair of shorts standing up on their own. 

Track that describes the collection best from fridge pizzas playlist?
I’ll Stay - James Blake