Design Notes: Reagan Paulsen

Reagan Paulsen (SOL-SOL) shares his design notes from Destroy Today, Discover New Paths, in celebration of moments spent outdoors, together.

OSCS What sparked this collaboration? 
RP The idea of using sustainable fabrications and methods to create garments is always intriguing. Learning about sustainability always caught my eye and I guess using Sealands fabrications used on garments was a challenge I was ready to take on.


OSCS Highlight of this Collaboration? 
RP Natural dyeing with Beagle & Basset. Ive always wanted to try  natural dyeing with Sol Sol but never had the opportunity to do so, so having Beagle & Basset onboard really made this collaboration even better. 

OSCS What was a clear milestone for you, in the process of developing the products you and Sealand worked on together? 
RP Having all the samples on hand and seeing our rough ideas in its physical form.


OSCS What design / customer need inspired these products? 
RP Specifically talking about the jacket, we wanted the design to fit in with  someone who could wear it
outdoors and still be able to wear it at their 9-5 job. 



OSCS Favourite material you came across, within the process? 
Sunnex fabrication from Sealand. This fabrication is what makes the jacket so unique. This fabric is spread
across all the accessories and is the key fabric in my eyes that brings everything together.




OSCS Colour inspiration? 
RP As we mocked up designs during the "rough ideas" stage of the project we were given swatches from Sealand and what fabrications were readily available for us to use. In this time we grew fonder of the lighter earthy tones more so the darker colour tones we initially wanted to do. The inspiration itself was driven through the design process.



OSCS What is your power / go-to snack when you’re in the thick of a project? 
RP Skittles, a bit on the unhealthy side but boosts my endorphins and gives me that proper sugar high Ive loved as a kid 


OSCS How do you take a break from your graft? 
I usually step foot into nature, digesting the spectacular views Kaapstad offers. We can go from the beach to the mountain within 15 minutes driving range, and that on its own is a break away from work


OSCS Your favourite detail on one of the products? 
It's the back pocket on the Jacket for me. More storage areas on a garment that's unnoticable at first sighting adds genuine interest for me personally



OSCS A product from the collection you stuck behind, the most? 
RP I worked mostly on the design of the T-shirts and Jacket so the majority of the time was spent on rendering designs for this. It was fun, but would've loved to have released the shorts we worked on for the collaboration which we planned to do, but hopefully in the near future we can get the opportunity to do that


OSCS Tell us a bit more about the in-store installation? 
RP This was a cool experience, Myself and Courtney, from the Sealand Team, had gone foraging the weekend and week before the launch of the project.Courtney really out did herself with the design and installation part, amidst her encounter with a wild deer the day before. Luckily, she got away unharmed haha. The installation served its purpose by making the person feel like they were outdoors. With amphibian sounds projecting in the room alongside rivers flowing really made it a full experience. We had a pile of offcut fabrics mixed with the forage creating a trail. Products were found on branches and on the trail capturing the products natural surroundings and its purpose of design.



 A change you’re excited to see in design & retail? 
A lot more sustainable designs across all brands by minimizing the units and increasing the quality of garments by making use of sustainably grown fiber crops or recycled materials. You want products to serve its purpose more so, serve a look and be forgotten about.

 Tell us your favourite story from the process? 
RP I don't have a favorite story to share about the process on the project but the process itself was a enjoyable learning experience and keen to get another project on the way

 Importance of relationships between brands, such as 
Sealand and SOL-SOL… 
Mat & I really liked the brand of Sealand Gear, so having the opportunity to collaborate on a project was a no brainer.
We maintained a professional relationship as we respected each other's design process.. We learnt a lot on their side and vice versa. 


OSCS A promise you were excited to make, when you embarked on this collaboration and products? 
RP Be more sustainable in personal life practices and appreciate what you have now in the present 
and learn through trial and error by bettering yourself in future. 



OSCS Your favorite track from Jon Laura's playlist, made for the release of the collection?



Special thanks to the Sealand team, Courtney, Julia, Luke, Jasper, Jess and Alis and to Luke Doman (photographer),
Shanon & Yolanda (Models)

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