#2 Fresh Greens for Summer




You’re on the radio now….who do you give a shoutout to? 
XS Shoutout to the ocean, the sun and animals.

Thanks for sitting with us, Xee!  We have been looking forward to  the release of your collab with with Maylee.  We heard it all started with a print of yours - the Maylee team saw it in motion, you slowed it down to a print and now your flowers live on 3 garments.  How much has social media influenced your medium and work?
XS Social media plays a massive influence to be honest. What I thought was a vanity metric platform has become my biggest source of income. I don’t often hear people even putting together portfolios anymore - people just look at one another’s IG for work and it’s a whole lot easier in this fast pace world.

Where do you work from?
XS Mainly home. Or at friends places. I struggle to work at coffee shops or in public as it’s a bit distracting for me.

How has your space grown and accommodated your craft during lockdown?
XS I feel like I have finally found my passion for work over the last year. Stepping out of a full time environment into freelancing has definitely opened some incredible doors for me and I feel like I have achieved more over the last year than I did in my entire career working for corporates.

Who’s your greatest cheerleader?
XS My friends (we do get to choose our family) :)

Your favourite motivational poster / quote?
XS "We're all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

What's been your greatest motivator when things are feeling tough?
XS It helps to take a step outside and go for a run in the mountains when i feel overwhelmed. It helps me clear my head and gives me the energy I need.

What’s your favourite way to “switch off”?
XS Being on the mountains or going to the beach. Cape Town really has so much to offer and all you need is a costume or a decent pair of shoes and you’re good to go 

You recently stepped out, as a freelancer - how has this changed the game for you?
XS I have done work for some of my favourite brands this last year - I keep attracting the work I love doing and I feel like things are moving in the right direction for me. I am incredibly lucky and grateful for how things have turned out so far. So far so good 

Any current challenges you’re grateful to be addressing, with your work?
XS A lot of clients wanting similar work done by me - so making sure the work doesn’t look too similar but also still aligns with my style.

An evolution in your practice / style you’re most proud of?
XS Drawing on my iPad in my free time. This was a total game changer for me and I was scared I wouldn’t be using it as much as I do but I love it so much. I wasn’t drawing as much as I do now and my iPad has made that so easy. I can take it anywhere and draw from wherever. 

If you had to describe your “uniform” as a designer, what are pieces you cannot live without?
XS A pair of good sneakers.  High waisted comfortable pants.  A good tee.

How much would you say you stick to / stay away from trends?
XS I don’t like using trends in clients work as it never ages well. I always make sure when they send me trends as reference that I choose fonts and colours which would age well. This is super important. I think you can have both.

My favourite moment of this collaboration….
XS Shooting it was super fun! Also seeing it all IRL after months of facetimes. It was so exciting wearing the pieces and seeing them all. The Maylee team have done such an incredible job and I’m so happy and excited.

Importance of community in your craft?
XS Very important. I think inherently as humans - it’s so important for us all to be heard and seen and I want to produce relatable work to help with this.

Favourite moment you’ve been able to celebrate with your online community?
XS When a pattern of mine was used in a brand new 60’s / 70’s themed bowling alley, in Nashville. The carpet was done in my design and it is MASSIVE. I can’t wait to go visit one day :)

What’s been your greatest influence and fuel as a designer?
XS Greatest influence is to stay true to what I love and to my own style. Biggest fuel - to realize we are all capable of achieving what we want. As cheesy as it sounds - no dream is too big.

What mediums have you picked up and / or ditched along the way?
XS Picked up: More painting and drawing digitally on my iPad

Medium that works the best for you?
XS Digital - on my iMac (Illustrator) and on my iPad (Procreate and Fresco)

Medium you’re still keen to try?
XS I’d love to get back into painting with oil paint but I need the space for it :)

I’ll be wearing this collection to….
XS I love every piece of this collection so much. I would honestly wear these items to everything and anything. They are staples you could dress up or dress down 



Wind down with Xee Summer