As seen on SOLEDXB, August 2020 and March 2021


Cape Town Based Leaf Apparel teams up with Lover Boys Football for the second time in consecutive years to create a performance oriented capsule for the 20/21 summer season.

While last year's project had a strong focus on exploring the combined aesthetics of the two entities, the offering for 2021 turned its attention to performance and utilitarianism with a strong focus on fabrication, texture and versatility.



The capsule - inspired by the match day timeline, from the commute, through the game to the post match function - consists of a First XI Jersey, Utility Shorts, a packable Utility Boot Bag and a Heritage Long Sleeve Golfer. Both the shorts and the boot bag are inspired by the potential for exploration in Cape Town, a city offering beaches, mountains, forests and urban sprawl all within mere kilometres. The Golfer, a nod to one of Leaf's core silhouettes, takes on a strong luxe feel with a classic diagonal stripe emulating iconic Peruvian Kits from the 70s and early 80s (although they carry this motif to this day). Finally, the first team Jersey, inspired by the casual silhouette donned by Nike sponsored clubs like Chelsea in the 19/20 season, was created to suit the entire breadth of the kicking ball experience, an idea reflected in the images used to present it. Building on the good work of so many sports people worldwide, the Jersey also carries the 'No Room For Racism' message with an additional 'No to Xenophobia' spreading the message that there is no room for hate in all forms of sport, an idea captured in another message present on the jersey; "Lead With Love"

The capsule is entitled TOGETHER, a word which is also the motto of the Lover Boys Football team and ultimately an idea that is as important as in ever in the trying times in which we find ourselves. Together we play better, together we create better and together we feel better.
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