#1 - Fruit Salad at THEFOURTH

Describe your first day spent at THEFOURTH? 
AMICA HENDRIKZ: Being the first office employee at THEFOURTH meant that I was thrown straight in the deep end! I started working about three weeks before the opening of our second show, The Spectacle, and within my first week I was told that I would need to design a full catalogue for the new show - this seemed like a huge task having only designed books of about 20 pages, but I learned so much in a really short period of time. 

“The job” - describe it and a key moment that led you to grabbing it!
AH Technically I came on as the graphic designer but my role ended up being way more diverse than that - from welcoming guests into the space and needing to have knowledge of the art, to organising framing and shipping. I took the job because I felt inspired by the space and the people I got to work with and the idea of helping grow the brand.

Your “average” day in the space
AH There is no average day as there are so many elements to my job, especially since we work on a kind of rotational basis of setting up an exhibition, running that exhibition, taking it down and planning the next one amongst this.

Color you were most excited to introduce into the space? 
AH Colour is a big thing at THEFOURTH considering the fact that we are not your average ‘white cube’ gallery. We recently got an amazing paint sponsor, Versus, so we really went all out with painting the space for this exhibition - I love the colourful wall in the living room.

The artwork that got away…?
AH This little ceramic head by Ceri Muller - it just made me so happy, but I unfortunately sold it to a French gentleman 

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive everyday? 
AH Turn on the 15+ lights and put on music

Your favorite watch spot?
AH I love looking out the windows at the streets below. Being in the centre of town means there is always something going on - from watching zombies whilst Resident Evil was being filmed on St George’s Mall, to buskers singing. 

Your favorite installation moment? 
AH It is so hard to choose but one of my favourites is the garden, “The Great Indoors”, from the current exhibition, curated by Cameron Munro.

Your favorite spot to zone out? 
AH Would have to be the swings from Alexander James’ solo exhibition “Keep It In The Family”. It was so relaxing to swing and chat.  

Favorite texture?
AH The floor in one of our rooms is stainless steel - so shiny and reflective!

If you could make a playlist to describe the space? 
AH This is hard because the space is constantly changing! We listened to one playlist for months during The Spectacle.
We often play jazz in the Billy Bar, it definitely gives me jazz bar vibes.


This space makes me crave 
AH lots of money to buy a house and furnish it with lots of art and design pieces (joking, not joking)

Most stimulating artwork, for you? 
AH From this show I would have to say Marolize Southwood’s paintings. She uses thick oil paint to create mesmerising pieces; every time I look at them I see new details.  

Describe the feeling of a transitional period between shows?  
AH Mayhem! We turn the space around so quickly so it is just a constant flurry of things moving in and out of the space, photographing the artwork, painting the walls and floors and designing all of the different collateral elements.

Area you get most excited for a first time visitor to see?
AH Definitely the bar! Everyone loves the bar, it is so unexpected and it transports you to another space and time.

Your favorite visitors? 
AH People who feel comfortable enough to spend some time looking around and to ask questions

Describe your style in one sentence 
AH Classic, but I always try to have some kind of unusual element in the outfit. I don’t like to define my style too much
as I just like to wear what makes me feel good in the moment!

What styling secret have you stolen from a friend?
AH Not so much a styling secret, but my mom always encouraged me to have a good base closet that you can then build
on seasonally. Similarly she sees the value in buying versatile pieces that can be worn with multiple items and across trends

Anything about shopping you’ve been excited to see, changing? 
AH Online shopping is very convenient for me, but I only really like shopping for household items or groceries online. 

I really enjoy shopping for clothing at an actual store. A new trend that I hope stays is curated stores with items from
multiple brands - this is great to discover new brands and to also see items in styles specific to you

Your 4 key principles of comfort? 

  1. Comfortable shoes
  2. Pants that aren’t too tight
  3. Clothes that are warm enough
  4. A bag that is easy to carry 

Color you wear the most, here
AH When I started working at THEFOURTH I thought that I would enjoy wearing neutral colours so I wouldn’t clash with
the space but I actually love wearing lots of colour in the space - it’s just fun and less serious!

I wear Maylee when I... 
AH want to stand out!

What medium/style in a) art b) clothing excites you the most? 
AH I love graphic design as an art form and even more when this is translated into print - posters, books, etc. Clothing is hard as my favourites often change - I’ve gone through phases of being obsessed with shoes, pants and jackets. In terms
of style, as I mentioned before I don’t like to define my style but I’m loving Emma Chamberlain at the moment - she wears whatever she wants from multiple styles and eras and owns it

I can’t wait to wear my EUNIS JACKET to…
AH An upcoming birthday with this as the theme - 💖🤠👽🌵🦄🔫